Our Community

The Firefighter’s Home is a skilled nursing home facility that provides an atmosphere for each member of a “home away from home.” At the FASNY Firefighter’s Home, we refer to our residents as members – the members of the New York State volunteer fire service.

What sets the Home apart from similar facilities is the compassionate care the fosters dignity and pride in the firefighters, their spouses and auxiliary members who reside here. Admission to the Home can originate from a private residence, another health care facility or program, or from the community in general.



The FASNY Firefighter’s Home offers quality health care in an environment designed exclusively for those who served their communities.

As we see it, it’s now our turn to take care of those who took care of our communities in decades past.

The Home experience extends well beyond the premium medical and personal care that our members receive.

We offer a steady schedule of activities both on- and off-site in a very special way that focuses on social, mental and spiritual development. We pride ourselves on being member-centric and getting to know each and every one of our residents to understand their needs. We also offer digital TV and when our members can’t go out to an event, we live stream it to them inside the Home.

We believe activities should be more than a daily distraction. Our caring staff deliver productive programming that engages, entertains and supports our members’ interest. If we find a member has a special talent interest or hobby, we love to try new things.

A glance at the calendar in any month shows our various offered activities. These include bingo, numerous puzzles books and games, pet visits, religious prayer and services, arts and crafts, movies, themed parties, and off-site excursions in the FASNY-owned Big Red bus.

Fire departments, organizations, the ladies auxiliaries, and our Board of Trustees help maintain the critical connection between Home members and the fire service, which means a great deal to each one of our members. Visits from across the State and throughout the year keep the members active and involved.

Our members visit their families in their room, on our indoor porch and in our Chapel, where they can take in the relaxing glow of stained glass windows. The Home is more than a place to live, it’s a place where members can maintain personal dignity and the firefighting lifestyle they continue to share with their brothers and sisters in service.

One of our most precious amenities is the FASNY Museum of Firefighting, which resides on the premises. The Museum houses the world’s premier collection of firefighting artifacts and hosts numerous community activities year round.